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Emergency Dental Treatment everyone should know…


You have been taking every possible care for your teeth. You brush and floss regularly. You visit the Dentist regularly. But, suddenly, something hurts. Or you have an accident. What should you do in case of a Dental emergency?


Toothaches have a number of causes. It could be because of a rotten tooth, or gum disease or a number of other causes.

If it is a toothache, it is best to keep food away from the area. Rinse your mouth with warm water after eating. Brush and floss that area to remove any food debris.

If the pain is acute you can bite into a clove, which will help. Take a plain analgesic like a Paracetamol for the moment until you see your dentist.

If the pain is on lying down place a couple of pillows under your head before you go to bed. If there is a swelling you can do warm salt water gargling a number of times to help the infection or pus drain out into the mouth rather than continue swelling up the face.

These temporary measures will help relieve your discomfort for a little while, but it is important that you first call your dentist to fix an appointment with him.

Knocked out tooth


Teeth get knocked out from the mouth often while playing games or during an accident. Children are more prone to this, especially those whose teeth are naturally slightly forward.

When an entire tooth is knocked out, locate the tooth immediately and place it in a glass of cold milk or slightly salted tap water. Do this without cleaning it off or scrubbing it. If possible get the tooth to the dentist within 30-45 minutes of the injury, and the dentist may be able to replace it in the tooth socket. He will bond it onto the adjacent teeth so that it stays immobile.

There is a good chance that the tooth will become firm again. He will also take an X-ray to see if there is a fracture in the surrounding bone due to the accident. When a fragment of a tooth breaks off, do the same as above and the dentist may be able to bond the fragment back to the original position.

Crown/Bridge come out

If the crown or bridge falls off then bring it to the Dentist as soon as possible to be recemented. If it is taken after many days then the tooth position may move and the crown/bridge may not fit and a new one will have to be done.

Swollen Jaw


If the jaw swells up due to a painful decayed tooth then do some warm salt water gargling 3-4 times a day. This will help the swelling to soften up and allow the pus, if any, to drain into the mouth. Do not apply ice from the outside. Bite into some clove in the decayed area. See a dentist who will prescribe you some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory before treating the tooth.

Object between your teeth


Whenever something gets caught between your teeth, first try to remove it with dental floss. If you do not have floss use a thread like sewing thread. Never try to remove the object with a sharp or pointed device like a metallic safety pin- because this can damage your gums. Try tooth-brushing it to see if it can be dislodged. See your dentist as soon as you can.

Bitten tongue or lip


If you accidentally bite your tongue or lip, try to stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure on the area, using a clean cloth. To control swelling place an ice pack to the area around your mouth and tongue. Your dentist may prescribe an antiseptic ointment to apply on the area. You will have to refrain from eating spicy food until the wound heals.

Fractured Jaw


If you suspect a broken or fractured jaw, tie a handkerchief, towel or even a necktie around the person’s head to stop any movement of the jaw. Let him keep his mouth closed with the upper and lower teeth meeting each other to stabilize the jaw.

Call your dentist immediately.

Problems with braces and retainers


When you wear braces a number of problems can occur. If a wire is irritating a part of your mouth, cover the end with cotton or gauze to temporarily relieve the problem until the orthodontist fixes it.

If your braces loosen or break, take the pieces with you when you go to see your orthodontist.