Dental implant in Dadar West - Perfect Smile Clinic
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Dental implant in Dadar West

We at PERFECT SMILE CLINIC, Dental implant in Dadar West have an excellent general dental practice, which believes in giving our best to the patient. Our staff is very committed to our patients and they have been in the clinic for several years.

Perfect Smile Clinic is run by Dr. Uday B. Shetty and his team and he is the best dental implant in Dadar west . We have been in dental practice since 1987 in Mumbai (Bombay), India and have grown very well over the years to a plush clinic with three operatories.

Our Clinic obtained the Certificate of Dental Operating Standards (C-DOS) from the Indian Dental Association.

This indicates that our clinic conforms to a high standard of infection control measures and patient care and we are dental implant in Dadar west.

They awarded us the Certificate of Dental Operating Standards after inspecting the clinic premises to see if we conform to their guidelines of maintaining global operating standards in the clinic like – strict infection control measures, strict sterilization of the equipment and instruments, record keeping of data etc.

Our clinic is situated in an upmarket area in Mumbai- Prabhadevi.

We welcome you to visit our clinic. We have made special provisions to see that our overseas patients are taken care of very well. With the world virtually shrinking in size, we have a lot of patients from different countries who readily come to Mumbai, India to get dental treatment done and mix it with a sightseeing holiday. We specialize in catering to this demand where we provide them with the best quality treatment in the shortest possible time.

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic will work towards a common goal of total patient satisfaction by providing prompt, reliable and efficient services to them. We will give our best to the patient to make them have a pleasant experience in our dental clinic.

We accept all major credit cards.

Dental implant in Dadar West