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Our clinic offers a range of dental services for our patients.


  • Dental Implants: We do dental implants regularly with emphasis on being able to give you teeth which you can use like they were natural. This can be done within a fixed time frame especially for our overseas patients.

  • Whitening (bleaching) of teeth: to whiten yellow teeth. In Office one sitting one hour procedure is done here regularly. We specialize in this.

  • Ceramic Crowns and Bridges: to replace missing teeth with tooth colored crowns. This can be done in a minimum time frame especially for our overseas patients.

  • Ceramic Laminates: to change the shape, color or angulation of teeth. This can be done in a minimum time frame if the patient desires. We specialize in this.

  • Tooth Jewellery: add a sparkle to your smile!! Tooth jewellery like a diamond is put on the teeth for fun.

  • Composite bonding: to close gaps between teeth or change the angulation of teeth.
  • Tooth Colored fillings: also called as composite fillings, as against amalgam (silver) fillings used earlier.

  • Tooth contouring: to make subtle changes in the shape of the teeth by modifying them without any artificial means.

  • Cosmetic Gum surgery: to decrease or increase the amount of gum seen while smiling.

  • Root Canal Treatment: We do Root Canal Treatment in a single sitting itself of about half an hour and it is absolutely painless. It removes the fear and agony of getting a Root Canal done.

  • Periodontal treatment: We do flap and other gum surgeries to strengthen the condition of weak gums.

  • Children’s dentistry: Children are put at ease with the warmth that they experience in the clinic and they readily cooperate with the dentist. Preventive treatment like flouride treatment and pit and fissure sealants are done.

  • Surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth: This is done only when it is absolutely necessary.

  • Complete and partial dentures: We use the best of materials for these.

  • Orthodontic Treatment: Our Orthodontist is very good at his work and treats adults too. Ceramic braces are very popular here.
  • Laminates and Crowns:
  • Smile Design:Here multiple front teeth are altered with laminates or crowns to give a pleasing smile that matches with the face